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This is my stop during the bookstagram blitz for Fractured by Shay Siegel. Fractured is a raw and relatable coming-of-age tale. This bookstagram blitz is organized by Lola's Blog Tours. This bookstagram blitz runs from 25 till 31 January.

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Book Info 📚

Fractured by Shay Siegel

Genre: Contemporary

Age category: Young Adult

Release Date: October 27, 2020

Blurb: Mason Vance is the guy everybody wants to be, and he knows it. He’s the best high school quarterback in New York, a shoo-in for a football scholarship at any school he chooses, and he’s expected to land in the NFL one day. That is, until a broken wrist leaves him fearing whether he’ll ever play again. Desperate to save his damaged ego, Mason sets his sights on Lace. No cheerleader or homecoming queen like his usual type, she’s too wrapped in her own misery to fall for his pickup lines. Even though she tries to shut him out, she’s surprised to find he’s there for her when no one else is. Slowly, she lets him into the sad workings of her mind and less-than-perfect life, and Mason finds himself caring about Lace more than he’d ever thought possible. That’s why neither of them sees his huge mistake coming—one that instantly fractures everything between them. Will Mason confront the ugliest side of himself, and in the process see who he’s capable of becoming, or will he fall back into the life he knew before Lace and his injury?


Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/53284574-fractured 

Bookbub: https://www.bookbub.com/books/fractured-by-shay-siegel

Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B087DXJ3W2 

B&N: https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/fractured-shay-siegel/1137952201?ean=9781734660005

Bookdepository: https://www.bookdepository.com/Fractured-Shay-Siegel/9781734660005

Excerpt (Taken From Chapter #3) 🤗

I woke up the next morning—still on a Sharon Martin high—and asked Mom if I had an appointment with the doctor. The pain was in full effect and I came to the conclusion that this cast was designed for ultimate discomfort. The way it took up most of my arm, locking it in a pathetic L-shape. The pressure had my shoulder aching, my elbow cramped, and it had only been a day. Basically, I felt like a little whiny bitch. The orthopedist was able to fit me in at 11 a.m. My mom let me skip school for the day to take it easy and see how the appointment would go—I liked this sympathy. My mind wandered to Sharon again on the car ride. The way she massaged my shoulders before she leaned in and kissed me, her cinnamon scented neck, her thick blond hair tickling my chin. All a solid memory to distract from whatever news I’d get from the doctor. I shut my eyes and exhaled. We pulled into the doctor’s office parking lot and Mom dropped me in front of the building before attempting to find a spot in this overpopulated, crammed town. She was always worried about being late, and she’d probably have to circle the lot five times before a space opened up. “I’ll meet you inside. Don’t go in to see the doctor without me,” she said. She loved to treat my brother and me like little kids. Maybe Chad needed it because he couldn’t leave the house without forgetting something half the time—like his lacrosse stick when he went to lacrosse practice, or his homework assignments sitting on the kitchen table when he went to school. But my personal favorite was when he forgot Dove when his intention was to take her to the dog park. I scanned the directory board inside the double doors. North Shore Orthopedics, Dr. Kenneth Kalad—second floor. There was a girl with short bleached hair and purple streaks standing in front of the elevator. Her sweater with cutouts down the arms gave glimpses of smooth, pale skin, but it covered most of her faded jeans, which were tucked inside a pair of boots with chunky buckles up the sides. She was scribbling in a book with bleeding flowers on the cover. When she saw me out of the corner of her eye, she closed the book and tucked it under her arm, keeping her head pointed at the floor. I stared at her, but she didn’t even glance up. The elevator doors opened and we both stepped inside. She pressed the 3 button with a chewed black fingernail. When she didn’t ask which floor I wanted, I pushed 2 with my good arm. I focused on her. She focused on the floor. “You don’t care about my floor needs in this crippled state?” I joked as the doors shut. She looked up and laughed, like one short exhale. “Sorry,” she said, pushing some strands of hair behind her left ear, exposing at least eight hoop earrings. Her bright green eyes were outlined in heavy black makeup. I traced my gaze down her face to her chest. A cool necklace hung against her collarbone—half of a clock, with the hands pointing to the half that wasn’t there. It kind of reminded me of football, waiting for halftime where the game could go in a totally different direction, but that probably wasn’t what it meant. My eyes traveled up to the side of her face again. Yeah, she was definitely hot. But kind of in a surprising way—like an “I don’t even know why I’m looking at her” sort of way. I didn’t usually go for artsy-emo-type girls. But there was this strange sad look on her face—the corners of her lips turned down, a droopy tiredness in her eyes. You wouldn’t think that would draw you to someone, but it made me curious about her. Like, what had her so preoccupied that she couldn’t smile or flirt with me? “I like your necklace,” I said, willing her to look at me again. She glanced up, shoulders tense, and grabbed the chain in her hand, before looking at the floor again and quietly saying, “Thanks.” The doors opened on the second floor. I watched her for a beat longer before stepping out of the elevator. It was like she couldn’t wait for me to leave. Then just as the doors began to shut behind me, she said, “Hope your arm feels better.” “Okay,” I said, turning back around. “Take care.” Take care? It was like I couldn’t remember who I was or why I was even in this building. Why didn’t she have the normal reaction girls had toward me? I couldn’t totally blame her—she (and my wrist) had me way off my game.

My Review 😐

TW; sexu@l @ss@ult, r@pe, self-h@rm, and jokes about mental health issues/disorders. (If I got any of these trigger warnings wrong, please tell me! I will correct them immediately)

First, I would like to thank Lola's Blog Tours for hosting a Bookstagram Blitz of Fractured. I would also like to thank the publisher/author for providing me a free physical ARC. I am very grateful to receive an actual paperback. I understand it is hard work producing a book and how long-spun the process takes. I will not overlook that fact. I do hold some personal thoughts/opinions I'd like to share. Though be forewarned, this review does contain spoilers. Let's get into it!

Starting with Mason Vance; a dislikeable main character. I don't mind dislikeable main characters, as long as they change some part of themselves in the end. Mason, well, he didn't. Maybe to a naive young teenager reading this, he did. But in my personal opinion, Mason remained the same. It was disappointing as I don't understand where the author was going with this. Like, what was the intention? Of Mason? Of the whole book? And the thing is, I tried to respect him. I can recognize where he's coming from. Mason is just a young 16 year old who isn't educated properly on mental health and seeing girls other than sex objects. Please, my friends, take the trigger warnings seriously. I came into this book with a blind eye. And after coming out, I was in disbelief. What kind of book is this?! See, I usually love books that educate about mental health. Mixed with romance? That's a win-win! But, here's the problem. Although I can tell the author was trying her best to put a light on these dark matters, I'm afraid to say she didn't do it well. This book did not educate about mental health. Not in the least bit.

The things Mason did were never addressed again. We never go deeper into what Lace is feeling. We never really dive into what was happening at the time. Which, hence the confusion?? I didn't know where or what the author was trying to say in this book. I didn't understand the meaning, the theme. What were we, or the young teenage reader, supposed to take away? The fact that doing this shit isn't funny? The fact that society normalizes this behavior in most men? I'm gonna be real here. I think this book glorified Mason's actions. Even in times, he regretted his decisions, it was like we were supposed to feel sorry for him or something. Well, I wasn't. I was even more pissed. Mason, being the unchangeable person he is, felt guilty. For himself. Everything was about himself. He didn't care much about how Lace was feeling or anything like that. It's true. Mason did feel pain from doing all the things he did. He was ashamed of his past. Nevertheless, he got away with it. And I don't give a damn if this kid gets haunted for the rest of his life, Mason had manipulated so many girls into having sex with him. Just shows male privilege.

There were many moments in this book where I almost hit home to forgiving him. But then, hey! Before you know it, the kid has messed up again. This is the exact reason why I hated Mason. For someone who has struggled with mental health issues, the "jokes" cracked by Mason's toxic friends were utterly disgusting. That's why I couldn't care less about the ending. I think it is possibly the only reasonable ending the author could've done (besides the fact that Mason forgave Chris).

I know most people are upset that Mason and Lace don't end up together. Well, you know what? It was for the better. Lace was the only character who developed. Who changed. I think she realized in the end that she didn't need someone in her life to make herself feel cherished. I'm pleased that Mason taught her that lesson. Lace is taking baby steps. Though even without Mason, I think she would've got to that point too. If they would've proceeded to go out together, it just wouldn't be the same. I mean, Mason raped her. This is not a light subject. Lace could still be scared of him or who knows what. Also, that painting scene. Everything about it was so messed up in many ways. Mason got enraged at Lace for painting a girl getting raped. He thought she was exposing him. I was so mad, I wanted to just throw the book.

Mason's behavior is inexcusable. Probably the only good thing about this book is that I'm glad the author put what Mason did in multiple shades. Rape isn't a black and white issue. It can come in many colors. People closest to you can do anything, anytime.

Besides that, I couldn't enjoy the book. I had to push myself to read the chapters. I felt like I was dragging myself deeper and deeper into something I didn't like. I didn't like this book, y'all. I did not like it. It made me in such a bad mood. And I could go on and on about its flaws but I think I'm done for now. This book is just one big mess.

If you want to give this book a gamble, go ahead. Other than that, I would not recommend this book whatsoever. 

About The Author 💞

Shay Siegel is from the east end of Long Island, New York. She is a Tulane University graduate with a B.A. in English, and former member of the women’s tennis team. She has an MFA in Writing from Sarah Lawrence College. Shay loves nineties grunge, the ocean, soy lattes, and her giant-headed rescue pit bull, Bernie.

Author links:

Website: https://www.shaysiegel.com

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/shaysiegelwriter

Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/shaysflockofreaders

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/19250323.Shay_Siegel 

Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Shay-Siegel/e/B07SVWP23D/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/shaysiegelauthor/

Newsletter: https://mailchi.mp/ffd6d138b74a/subscribe

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